How to buy the perfect Suspender Skirts

By Muhammad Asif December 05, 2019 0 comments

Suspenders refer to the fabric or leather straps that go over the shoulders and hold up skirts, pants, or jeans. These straps can be elastic and mostly form an X or Y shape at the back. These suspenders are usually woven and clasped with buttons or clips. 

Suspenders are deemed as a male fashion accessory, but they are as relevant in the women’s world. in fact, they look pretty good and add to the fancy, elegant, and sexy look. A skirt is one of the most fashionable garments to go with suspenders. While they have been moving in and out of style for ages, they are quite popular in the current times. The suspender skirts have remained in fashion for quite some time and are not expected to go anywhere in the next many years. 

Here are a few tips for styling your suspender skirt: 

Pull a minimalist look with a button-up shirt 

A button-up shirt with suspender skirts is a chic outfit. A simple white-colored button-shirt with a grey mini-suspender skirt is perfection. The other color options are baby lilac, beige, blue, and a bright yellow. You can complement this amazing look by wearing black thigh-high socks, a pair of brown leather ankle boots, and a black felt hat. 

If you are a fan of bright, strong colors, this attire is best for you. You can wear mustard pants with a navy-blue skirt and a bright yellow shirt. You can wear this combo for a presentation, meeting, or even a job interview. 

Make it elegant with crossed suspenders on back 

The crossed suspenders on the back make the outfit classy and interesting. Combine it with a flowy patterned shirt and a skirt with a fall to render it more comfortable. Pairing it with high heels will make this outfit fancy and will be perfect for a date night or wine tasting. 

Go casual with a felt hat and plain shirt 

You can make it ultra-casual with a white shirt and a white, short skirt with suspenders. It is easy to wear and gives a tidied-up look. If you do not like it full white, pick a color of your choice in the shirt and match it with your outfit. 

Turn black-and-white 

A black and white combination is suitable for every setting. You can turn it elegant or casual as per your choosing. Under this combination, you can wear a black suspender skirt, white shirt, a black bow tie, and black oxford shoes. It is a neatly balanced look you can use for every occasion. 

Suspenders with a striped t-shirt 

With the high-rise suspender skirt and a striped t-shirt, you can give a vintage look to your attire. You can also pick a skirt jeweled with buttons and a simple striped t-shirt. High heels and red lipstick can make it a classy pin-up girl look. 

Suspenders with a leather jacket 

Pull a rock-n-roll look by pairing a leather jacket with your suspender skirt. A grey-black skirt with a black unique cut-and-crop top can make it real pop. Amp up this look by long boots and high socks. Red lipstick can go a long way to augment the look.

Suspenders with sweater 

A suspender skirt with a sweater makes a typical fall combination. You can make it real by a leafy shade in a sweater, such as mustard-yellow. Pair this sweater with a black suspender skirt. Throw a small bag matching with the sweater, wear thigh-high socks, and you are good to go. 

Suspenders with an off-the-shoulder top 

Suspender skirt paired with an off-the-shoulder top is a perfect combo for a music festival, a theatre night, or an official get-together. A long-sleeved shirt with the floral suspender skirt is a perfect combo if you are going for a hippie look. You can jack it up with a lot of jewelry and make it boho-style. 

Suspenders with maxi-skirt 

The combo may seem unusual to many, but it has come right from the wardrobes of fashion bloggers and celebrities. A maxi button-down skirt with suspenders can be worn throughout the day. A multi-colored, striped turtleneck having short sleeves can spice up the look. 

You can complete the look by black ankle boots with heels. If you want to go for a more sexy look, unbutton the maxi-skirt to reveal a slit.

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