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Light wash jeans - Complete Guide

By Afterpay US Collaborator September 05, 2019

Lily Donaldson once rightly said … “You get so attached to jeans, they’re like old friends.”

Denim jeans are one of those things that come with both style and comfort. They come in so many different styles and colors and knowing how to use a particular style can make all the difference. Some of these designs might come and go but light wash jeans have always been in demand for many years.

What are Light Wash Jeans?

Light wash jean is a light blue denim jean. This jean has been passed through a longer washing process than the mild wash jean that is why the lighter shade. Notably, light wash jean is two shades lighter than the bleached denim category.

Summer clothing usually comes in lighter colors to minimize hat absorption. That is why this specific denim is more prevalent this time of the year. It is light enough to be counted as a summer shade but not lighter to look like bleached jeans.

Apart from its appropriate shade, light wash jean is famous because it can be pulled off with any outfit and a variety of shoe types as well. Therefore, one can find an array of pale, lived jeans out on the streets, markets, and parties as soon as the spring springs till it gets cold again.

Which one is Better in Style: Dark or Light Jean?

Lighter shade in denim is inherently casual when compared to dark blue and black. However, in summer, wearing a blue or a black jean during a day event is near to disastrous. Lighter jeans are better in style during summers and even in winters in daytime events.

Besides, they are more comfortable. They seem easy to wear and fuss-free. Moreover, they are softer and more comfortable than dark jeans, thanks to the way they are pre-washed. The most stylish way to wear them is highlighting their more special feature, i.e., their casualness. In the current years, the fashion industry has been mindful about comfort too. That is why one sees more tops, jumpers, loafers, and sneakers.

Hence, the light wash jeans have been ruling the style world for years. The reason for the light shades’ popularity is that they can fit in any situation and with any top. From the navy blue blazer to a plain white T-shirt, light wash denim can blend with anything.

Can You Wear Light Wash Jeans in winter?

Yes, you can wear light wash jeans at any time of the year. The reason it is more common in summer is that lighter shades are more suitable in the hot climate. But that does not mean they cannot be worn in winter as well.

When it comes to style, one should make their own rules. Getting dressed is more about comfort than a defined set of standards. According to a famous fashion designer, Diane von Furstenberg, “Fashion is mysterious, as a rule. You just hit on something that happens to be timeless and right.”

That fits on light wash jeans, as they are perfect to wear any time of the year. One does not have to ascribe to the virtual fashion rulebook every once in a while. It is wise to retain one’s individuality while keeping up with what is trending.

If you want to wear light wash jeans in winter, combine it with other pastels, as they are a big thing this season. Blend your light wash denim with creams, white, beige, tan, and blush hues. However, steer clear of the bright colors with the light wash jean, as they look better when the weather is warmer.

Moreover, accessorize with the wintery pieces like chunky knit or a warm scarf. This way, you will give off a wintery vibe. In the regions where winters are mild, you can pull off the light wash denim all year round.

Above all, regardless of the weather, your clothing depends on how you carry yourself. Light wash jeans can be worn anywhere and at any time if you know how to complement them.

What can you wear with light wash jeans?

As mentioned earlier, you can wear light wash jeans with virtually anything. Even denim on denim combo looks pretty cool. Do mix and match with different shades of denim jackets or tops. You can also pair the light wash jean with a darker top for contrast.

Light wash jeans look perfect with sneakers and a plain white T-shirt. They can also be dressed down with a navy blazer. You can deem your light wash denim as your constant summer go-to for almost everything.

The denim looks good with coats and knitwear if—you plan on to wear it in the winter season as well. Be it Turtle Neck, Blazer, and Ankle Booties, this denim can give a retro twist to all. You can check any fashion blogger’s page; light wash denim will be there on most of the style looks.

It gives a nice touch to a hoodie-and-leather jacket situation. A printed top, be it in summer or winter, also look good with lighter jeans. You can try it with a graphic tee, snakeskin booties, or a moto jacket. It also complements a patterned blouse with patterned boots. For a ‘downtown’ feel, pair it with leopard bootie and overcoat ensemble.

Down coat and white sneakers is also a nice, casual combination with light denim. You will see a lot of girls, having woke fashion sense, embracing light wash jeans with a white turtleneck, a furry coat, and hiking boots.

How can you look stylish in light wash jeans?

Light wash jean is woke with all the neutral colors. This combination is quite on point for geeky, nerdy outlook. Youngsters who fancy a casual look can also wear this jean with smart leather shoes and a blazer.

The navy jacket and a grey sweatshirt can also look legit with the lighter denim. Shirts, jumpers, and t-shirts, preferably in white, black, and navy color will also look good with the light wash jean.

A pale blue top or jumper will also look good with light jeans. Most such jeans are a little faded down at the legs. Wear the jeans in which the color difference is more than a shade.

What shoes go with lighter jeans?

Light wash jeans have a somewhat faded look, which gives them a lived-in feel. The shoes should also complement this comfy look, so they should not be so formal. If you want to look more sophisticated and polished, try loafers and lace-up oxford shoes in preferably black, tan, brown, navy, or winy color. Consider your jeans as a neutral palette on which you can play.

If you plan to go for a more casual look, the world is open to you. You can wear white athletic shoes or bright-colored basketball high-tops. You can always wear trainers and sneakers with light wash jeans to ramp up the style as well as comfort.

Also, matching shoes with the denim or choosing a color closer to that of the denim will make your legs longer. You can decide for yourself, whether you want your legs to look longer or you already have long legs and want them to appear normal.

A flashy-colored loafer or a two-tone oxford in suede can go well with a sweater and jean. The casual, athletic-inspired shoes in solid colors with dark leather and sleeker lines are also complimentary to light wash jeans. This combination is perfect for a busy but casual day or a weekend lunch with friends. This combination is also suitable for going for a game or group study.

It is prudent to wear jeans or take it when you go shoe shopping. This way, you can see how different shoes will look with the jeans and whether they go with your intended, complete look. While you have matched the shoes with the jeans, do not forget about the accessories, mainly scarf. Your scarf should go well with your shoes as well as with your jean. A red scarf will not fit in with white sneakers and light denim. The combination of a pale blue scarf, a plain white t-shirt, and light wash jean is dope if you want a casual, lived-in look.

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