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Denim jumpsuits - How to buy and wear Denim Jumpsuits for Women

By Muhammad Asif December 05, 2019

Jumpsuits are one of the most practical and convenient outfits to exist. They come in one garment and do not require supplementary shopping. One can look their best in this attire without much effort. While other outfits on the list are rompers and maxi dresses, jumpsuits are more relevant in winters.

This is the season of overalls and jumpsuits, especially denim, are just right for it. Be it a short-sleeve, long-sleeve, or a short-leg denim jumpsuit, it can go well with all the trendy outerwear and footwear. You can easily style the denim jumpsuit and make it work for different settings. 

How do you style a denim jumpsuit?

A denim jumpsuit is a very comfortable and effortless outfit, all thanks to its one-piece design. It is easy to style as well, and most of the complementary pieces required for the styling would already be in our wardrobe. Here are a few ways to make the denim jumpsuit look as perfection: 

Pull it off with a scarf, hat, and belt 

If you do not want to look too casual, a classic belt with a denim jumpsuit is the way to go. It refines casual attire and ensures that your body shape is accentuated. A slim belt prevents your frame from going lost in the jumpsuit while defining the waistline. 

If the weather becomes too chilly, you can augment your defenses with a scarf or a shawl. It protects you from cold and makes your outfit look creative and interesting. You can also amp up your look by wearing a chick hat. 

Go casual 

Many people deem sneakers with jumpsuits a big no. They do not realize what they are missing on. While a denim jumpsuit already emits a casual outlook, wearing sneakers can complement the look, and the added comfort is a bonus. Just roll up the bottom of your jumpsuit and ramp it up with a hand or a cross-body bag. Throw on a baseball cap to complete the look. 

Make it formal 

Going for a wine tasting or dinner-date at a high-end steakhouse? You do not have to go shop a cocktail dress for that. You can pull off a formal look with your denim jumpsuit. Amp up the feel with golden heels, a blazer, and a metallic/jeweled necklace. 

You might think that denim may not be a good choice for an upscale event. But styling it with a suede bag and nice jewelry makes it a perfect outfit in the formal settings. 

Contrast it with outerwear 

Do you think you have used your jumpsuit for too many occasions? Refresh the look by contrasting the fabric with the outerwear. You can wear your denim jumpsuit with a leather jacket, a trench coat, or a wool coat. Even a chic blazer and a fur coat will look fine. You can make your ordinary jumpsuit look trendy and fresh with this simple technique.  

What shoes do you wear with a denim jumpsuit?

You can turn a casual street look into a formal demeanor without making much effort. All you have to do is pair it with the footwear strategically. 

Match with pumps 

You can wear your denim jumpsuit with pumps for a casual look. Be it a lazy weekend with friends or a grocery day, this combo can get you through to the whole day. It is both cozy and stylish. 

Simplify with sandals 

Pairing your denim jumpsuit with sandals gives off a simple yet classy look. The sandals polish the look and offer versatility as well as delicacy. If you want to get extra-casual, wear wider straps. A denim jumpsuit is one of the rare outfits that go well with flip-flops, as well. 

Wear with flats 

You can wear the denim jumpsuit with flats for a streamlined and simple look. Be it pointy-toed flats or ballerina, they all go well with this outfit. They can work for both ultra-trendy and ultra-casual looks. Footwear that is neither too strappy nor too dressy can help with a casual outlook. 

High heels 

Jumpsuits tend to make you appear shorter than you actually are. You can solve this problem by wearing high heels. It is prudent to wear slim heels rather than the chunky ones to appear long and slick.

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