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Embroidered jeans - The new fashion trend?

By Muhammad Asif November 04, 2019

Embroidery dates back to the Iron Age and it is still in fashion today. From being an art to becoming a pivot in fashion attires, custom embroidery has always been used in many different ways in almost all attires, and embroidered jeans are no different. Floral embroidered jeans are becoming quite popular.

If you are planning to jump on the bandwagon and add embroidered jeans to your collection of stylish women's jeans, you should know the pros and cons first.

Advantages of Embroidered Jeans

Here’s how embroidered designs are better than typical printing methods like screen-printing.

Durability: Embroidery is durable, especially when compared to printed designs. The embroidery thread will stay for much longer while the printed design will fade after some time. Embroidered jeans will stay with you for years before you decide to discard it for another reason.

Color: Embroidery thread can retain its color for a long time. You do not have to worry about fading designs. The sharpness of the color will also stay the same if you’ve bought quality embroidery.

Variety: Embroidery offers a wide range of colors without any additional cost. One design of embroidery can include 20 different colors while some other printing or designing methods allow you a limited variety and that too with an extra cost. 

Re-purposing: Say you have a pair of ripped jeans or skinny jeans that is still quite good but you have worn it many times, you can get a patch of embroidery and it will become a new item. 

Quality: Custom embroidery gives a high-quality feel. Embroidered denim is for you if you want to have a high-end touch to your jeans.

Disadvantages of Embroidered jeans

Embroidered jeans have a few cons as well:

Costly: Embroidery is usually more expensive than printing. However, the overall cost balances out when you go for a design containing multiple colors. Also, you have to consider the durability factor as well. Printed jeans may cost less, but they would not last long.

Selective Designs: Embroidery is not suitable for all designs. Very large designs, small and intricate, or gradient designs may not look best in embroidery.

Can you embroider denim?

Denim is a perfect base for embroidery. This utility garment was introduced in the late 1800s, and since then, it has remained a popular choice for people. It is a runway regular and a must in most wardrobes. Embroidery tends to amplify the denim look. That is why you see embroidered jeans on the runway, at big-box stores, and clothing departments. You can embroider your denim items yourself too. It gives you a space for creativity and many more options in design.

Embroidering your denim is quite easy. All you have to do is purchase a fresh pair of jeans, wash them, and dry. You can also take out a denim outfit (jacket, etc.) that has been s idle in your wardrobe for long. After picking up the denim, you want to embroider on, reach out to the stash of embroidery floss and get started. Here are a few things to remember while you are embroidering:

Choose the Right Design

As mentioned earlier, not every design is for denim. Designs having more stitch counts are well-suited for denim. Light designs like bean stitch or red-work stitches should be embroidered using heavier threads. Otherwise, they will get lost on blue denim.

Make Sure it is Stable

Although denim is hard, thick, and durable, you still have to keep it stable while embroidering to prevent puckering. You can use a hoop with a cut-away stabilizer to keep the fabric flat and stitches crisp.

Use the Appropriate Thread

You can choose between the polyester threads or trilobal polyester threads. Polyester threads are favorite for wearables, as they have the strength of cotton and the luster of rayon. The trilobal polyester threads are available in a wide array of colors and have extreme radiance.

Re-purpose and Renew

You can easily repurpose your jeans or denim jacket into pillows or cushion covers with customized embroidery. If you are not ready to part ways with your clothing yet, you can change their look by embroidery and make them look new.

How to wash embroidered jeans?

You can wash embroidered jeans at home, but you have to take care of certain things. Fill your top-load washer or a similar container with cold water. Add a mild laundry cleaner.

You can also use a small amount of concentrated dishwashing soap instead. Turn the jeans inside out to avoid exposure of embellishments. Put them in water for a while and rinse out.

Avoid wringing or twisting the jeans while washing. The denim can get wrinkled, and the embroidery may be damaged. Ironing, steaming, or pressing the jeans can also damage the embroidery.

As for drying, keep your jeans away from the dryer; always hang dry. Drying will wrinkle the jeans, damage the embroidery, and change the fitting as well as the shade of the denim wash. Moreover, do not hang jeans in direct sunlight to prevent fading of the jean’s color.

Can you get rid of embroidery?

You can remove the embroidery, but it is a tedious task. Start from the embroidery’s back and put a hoop around the area you are focusing on. Make sure that the fabric is flat and smooth, but it should not be pulled tight. If you are removing embroidery from a small area, there is no need for a hoop.

Just lay the clothing on a hard surface or your hand. Use sharp-curved scissors or a seam ripper. Lift and cut the thread, but be careful not to cut the fabric on the go. You can use a magnifying glass to see the details.

You can use an electric shaver or a sharp razor to cut the threads fast. Put the fabric in a hoop, turn it over, and start cutting the threads from the back. The blade should be perpendicular to the fabric. Do not rush, as there is a risk of damaging the fabric.

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