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Fit and Flare dress guide for Women

By Muhammad Asif December 05, 2019

Several dress styles come in and out of fashion, but a few stay forever.

One of those dress styles is the fit-and-flare - an evergreen choice of ladies. It gives off a royal aura and is quite flattering. You can pull off this style in casual and formal settings. The functionality of this style makes it even more popular. Here are few details of the fit-and-flare dress style so you can nail it pitch-perfect. 

What is a fit and flare?

A fit-and-flare style narrows till the waist and flares out below or at the hips. It can be a dress or a skirt that complements the body shape and emit elegance. Its silhouette is in the shape of an hourglass. Therefore, this style is a perfect option for a pear-shaped body, as it ensures balance and equal proportions. 

It defines the waist and makes the torso look wide, which creates a balance between the waist and torso. You can add to the elegance of a fit-and-flare dress by incorporating a few details. Long sleeves enhance the torso volume and augment the illusion of balance. Wide necklines also fortify this illusion. 

What is the difference between an A-line dress and a fit and flare?

An A-line dress narrows at the hips and then widens gradually towards the hem. The best part of this dress is that it minimizes the hips, thighs, and midsection while accenting the upper body. It is deemed as a perfect fit for every body type. Whereas, a fit-and-flare dress is snug at the waist and widens into a full skirt. This dress accentuates the bodice while portraying a balanced silhouette.  

Ways to wear a fit and flare dress

A fit-and-flare dress is friends with every body type. Also, it goes well in any setting, be it a casual date or a formal dinner. Not only that it looks classic and elegant, but it is also comfortable. Precisely, it fulfills the two fundamentals of an attire’s functionality. Here is how to pull it off with perfection: 

Pull off a street style by pairing with a coat

Wear a coat with a fit-and-flare dress, anything from a boxy coat, a basic trench coat, to a dress coat. You can also join leagues with the street-style mavens by wearing the coat over your shoulders. It will give a modern flair to your neat fit-and-flare dress.

A cozy, casual look with jeans and jacket 

A casual jacket, fit-and-flare dress, and jeans are a legit combo for relaxed, cozy weekends. You can go on a casual date, movie night, and even do groceries in this attire. A black leather jacket will fit in well in this scenario. 

While it is established that jackets do not go along with elegant dresses, the fit-and-flare dress is an anomaly to this rule. This style is quite versatile. When combined with the jacket, it becomes practical as well as fashionable. A dress with mixed colors and irregular patterns can rock it with a leather jacket. You can ramp it up with open-toes shoes or even heels. 

However, if you just intend to run some errands or meet friends over coffee, heels and leather jacket are not a good option. You can wear a denim jacket in this case. You can complete the look by white canvas tennis shoes and a tote bag. 

Get a vintage look with a cardigan 

You can pull off the vintage look by pairing the V-neck cardigan with your flat-and-flare dress. Complete this look by wearing loafers. It is an evergreen combination, and nothing can go wrong with it. You can jack up this look with colorful pieces and lively designs. 

This combination is not only powered with cuteness but also brings you comfort. Cardigans are found in every wardrobe, and regardless of the weather, they are always relevant. They are elegant and complement other attires like tops and dresses. They go well with both formal and casual dresses. You can wear this combination anywhere from work, brunch, or a date night. All you have to do is choose the color of your dress and the cardigan accordingly. You can wear heels with the combo in a formal setting, while loafers will be good in a casual one.

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