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Flare jeans - Everything you need to know

By Muhammad Asif October 24, 2019

Flare jeans are also known as the bell-bottom jeans. The best thing about them is that they look good with everything, especially when it is in black color. Plus, this type of jeans is great for all the seasons. You can pair them with mules and sandals in warmer months and switch to a pair of ankle boots in the winter.


flare jeans

What is the difference between bell-bottom jeans and flare jeans?

Flare jeans and bell-bottoms are pretty much the same things. Both refer to a style of jeans that are wider from the knees down, giving them a bell-like shape. This type of jeans was very popular in the 1970s and is rumored to be first donned by sailors in 1917.

However, the 1960’s style of bell-bottoms was different from the flare jeans of the 1990s. In the ‘90s, the jeans were a little looser down the knees. Whereas, the modern-day jeans are tighter around the thigh area than their predecessors. 

The flare of these jeans can be anywhere from a moderate flare to an extravagant one. The jeans with moderate flare are also known as boot cuts, considering the manufacturers and different consumer choices. 

The modern flare jeans fit lower or extra low on the hip. For women, the rear and thigh fit is generally slim, and the bottom leg opens 21 to 21 inches, starting from right below the knee. Whereas, flare jeans for men are usually fitted slim around the hip and thigh. The opening down the leg is typically wider than the boot-cut jeans. 

What looks good with flare jeans?

You can wear anything with flare jeans as long as you are comfortable with it. The point of wearing jeans ends when you are not comfortable with it, as jeans are the popular attire mainly for being comfy and casual. However, you need to take care of a certain thing when you don a pair of flare jeans. 

With flare jeans, it is important that they have accurate inseam for your body. One would not want their jeans’ wide hemline dragging on the floor while walking. They are more likely to look messy rather than being a bold fashion statement. Choose a pair that touches your shoes just the right place. Your shoes should not be hidden or even partially covered by the jeans when you walk. 


A denim jacket goes perfect with flare jeans. It is a golden rule of fashion to balance your outfits. If your bottom outfit is wide, wearing a wide-fit shirt or jacket with it can make you look sloppy. Wear something that balances your jeans rather than adding to it. You cannot pull off a loose-fitted top with flare jeans. 

Apart from the denim jacket, you can wear a black leather jacket with black or blue flares. Leather gives off an edgy and sophisticated look. You can wear a grey sweater under a black leather jacket with frayed denim flares as well. 

A black leather biker jacket atop a white T-shirt with black denim frayed flares can pull off a dapper look. Also, if you want to wear a lose top, tuck it in so as not to exaggerate the wideness of your bottoms. 


An off-shoulder tunic is also a good choice with flare jeans. It will keep the jeans as a focus and make the entire attire look coordinated. You can pull off a classy look with a peplum red-white, a long-sleeve striped top with dark-blue flares. 

A basic grey T-shirt with high-waisted flare jeans can be a simple and comfortable attire. You can wear the same shirt with washed-blue denim flares. 

Blue-white striped top with blue-washed flares can make you look stylish and sophisticated. You can also wear a chambray blouse with black flares, which will go well with wedge sandals. 


A cream-white or plain white T-shirt can go perfectly fine with flare jeans. If you want a casual look, complete it by wearing white sneakers. Or bring back the ‘70s charm by wearing gold metallic sandals and adding a bright orange handbag.

For the casual look, an off-shoulder, eyelet white tunic will look good with dark-blue flare jeans. A white blouse can look fine tucked in black flares. You can crank it up a notch by wearing a brimmed black hat, pointed-toe pumps, and a structured black leather bag. 

A white tunic top teamed with dark-blue flares can give you a classy heft. A white tank top combined with ripped washed blue flares is also a good combination if you want a simple, casual look. 

Are flare jeans in fashion?

Flare jeans seem to be making a comeback. They are gaining popularity because they go with every body type. For those who are curvy, the flare’s hems provide balance for wider posterior and make the legs look longer. It also works well for those having slim postures, as they create the illusion of curves. 

Moreover, they go with any event, whether it is a casual weekend, a party, or a concert. You can style them with polished pieces for office or dress up with this type of jeans for a date night out. Owing to their functionality, flare jeans are coming back in fashion. Many people detest this typical ‘70s outfit, but they would eventually come around when they would see how handy and functional these jeans are. 

People who have been religiously living in skinny jeans are now making a switch to the flares. HuffPost also states that flares are making their place in the fashion world and are expected to remain on the canvas for several years. 

What shoes do you wear with kick-flare jeans?

As the flare jeans open at the bottom, they make the shoes prominent. So, ensure that your shoes flow fine with your jeans. The key is to opt the shoe matches your bold pants. 


Pumps are your all-weather friends that go with almost every outfit and are relevant in all the occasions. Be it skinny cigarette coupes or the bold flares, pumps are good to go. Pumps teamed up with flared pants emanate a voguish aura. 

When you wear pumps with a denim flare, you start appreciating the style as well as the designers for bringing the trend back to life. With the said combo, you will appear polished from head to toe and the ultimate chic chick down the streets. 

You can wear exotic textures in leather pumps, suede, or lacy pumps. Make sure that your pointed toes are evident from underneath the flares.

Block Heels

You may have noticed that block heels make an appearance on the fashion week runways almost every time. There is a reason for that, i.e., the fashion world loves them. The higher they are and the chunkier they look, the more people love them. Flared pants look really well with these shoes, adding comfort along with length to the legs. 

Block heels go well with the outfit that has more volume. So, pair your block heels with black flares or wear them with a leather pair. You can also opt for ankle straps, boot versions, or summer sandals. 

Ankle Boots 

Another lovely footwear to pair with your mighty flare pants is the ankle boot that is available in suede, leather, velvet, and many other materials. It is the perfect match for your flares, which can be either almost falling on the ground or slightly above your feet. 

You can wear either suede or leather in rich earthy tones or exotic prints with denim flares. Another option is to go for studded or fringed ankle boots or leather-suede combinations with animal prints. 

Sandal Heels 

Whether they are in chunky heels or platforms, sandal heels are the best footwear for spring and summers. You can wear a pointer toed sandal heels with flares, as they complement the length further. Make sure that the heel is high enough to prevent the jeans from grazing the floor. Neither the jeans should be set too high that they look unflattering nor should they be too long that you step on it with heels. 

In the end, it all boils down to how comfortable you are in your dress. Do not become too conscious about your clothing that you fail to notice or feel other things. Have fun and be confident, that is the main purpose of getting dressed after all.

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