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Petite Jumpsuits - How to find the Right ones for you?

By Muhammad Asif November 04, 2019

Jumpsuits are all women’s favorite but petite women have always had a tough time finding a jumpsuit that looks good on them. The wide-legged cinched waistline can make the petite woman's frame tinier but the new styles in jumpsuits like the playsuit to the romper to the body-fitted suit have made it easier for petite girls and women to confidently strut in a jumpsuit.

Here's how to buy a stylish jumpsuit online.


It is crucial to get the length right of a petite jumpsuit. If you are thin and short, you must not wear a jumpsuit that is cropped at your legs. This will end up making you look shorter. Fitted jumpsuits should be preferred as opposed to baggy ones for they form a more complimenting silhouette.

Avoid massive platform heels with wide-legged jumpsuits for they will not only draw the attention to the giant size of your feet in proportion to your body but will also make your look tinier. For a more polished look opt for thigh-high rompers, bodycon jumpsuits, denim jumpsuits and casual playsuits of short length. Avoid jumpsuits that are too wide-legged.


When it comes to choosing jumpsuits for women with smaller frames, the waistline should be a high rise. This does not chop your body into half according to the rule of thirds. Tying a belt to cinch your waist just above your waistline will make your torso look smaller and legs longer. Thus, you can use this to trick to make your jumpsuits sleek and sexier. Steer clear from jumpsuits that tend to hide the waistline and are loose fitting.


Tightly fitted jumpsuits and body-hugging rompers look stunning on petite women. Make sure that if you are going for wide-legged jumpsuits, they must be tailored to perfection. Women with smaller frames have the leverage of wearing bodycon jumpsuits to define their figure. Whether you opt for a slit, fitted, spaghetti sleeves or strapless jumpsuits, you can easily rock the look. If your romper of the jumpsuit is loose, tie a belt around for a more compact and defined look. Baggy jumpsuits tend to look sloppy on smaller frames.

Colors and Prints

Petite women enjoy the liberty of experimenting with several different colors. But lighter colors can make a more prominent silhouette. That is why they work best as rompers or playsuits. Whereas, solid colors add more height – thus, pairing these up with heels will create a more complimenting illusion.

When it comes to choosing patterns, you must go for minimalistic or smaller prints – for huge patterns tend to overshadow your height, making you look smaller. Vertical stripes also tend to elongate the body – V-neck or halter tops look great with this combination.

Additionally, pick out colors that compliment your skin tone – pastels, monochromatic looks, and even neon-colored jumpsuits make for unique styles and out-of-box looks if you have the complexion and confidence to carry them.

How to Style a Petite Jumpsuit?

Styling the versatile jumpsuit can be therapeutic for a fashion aficionado, but daunting for a newbie. There are several ways in which you can wear it – and given the different fabrics, designs, cuts, and styles it can be rather difficult to get each outfit right. That is why the following cheat sheet for what type of jumpsuit can be worn on which occasions can help you through.

Work Attire

The versatile jumpsuit can be worn in a formal setting as well. Just make sure that you are choosing the modest cuts that do not show too much skin. Choose monochromatic colors like brown, navy blue or a sexy black romper for more conventional places. The right fabric can give you a more empowering look and help you stand out in a competitive office environment. Pair this up with a sleek blazer for a more polished look.

If you are working in a more relaxed office environment, then you can get more experimental with jumpsuits; try on brighter colors, contrasting blazers, and accessories. Upgrade your outfit game by looking sassy yet professional at your workplace – you may be petite but the right jumpsuit can make you look like the boss.

Casual Outfit

Loose playsuits with flip flops and a no make-up look are every petite girls go-to outfit. The comfort and coziness that comes from a jumpsuit on a causal Saturday are unmatched with any other attire. Ditch your tight skinny jeans for baggy style jumpsuits that are still hugging the right places. Look for loose, linen, Boho jumpsuits for the perfect loungewear. Roomy, off-shoulder rompers and jumpsuits are loved by all petite girls because of the immense comfort they provide.

Date Night

Jumpsuits are the perfect option for a classy date night, without overdoing it. Choose a darker, monochromatic shade of jumpsuit for a more put-together look. Pair it up with stunning jewelry and a full glam make-up to drive your date crazy. A strapless classic white jumpsuit will also do the trick, if you want things to be simple, yet stunning. Asymmetrical jumpsuits, short, fitted, high waist, pastel rompers, and spaghetti sleeves jumpsuits with statement necklaces are the most popular options.

Holiday Mode

The roomy jumpsuit is perfect for any holiday mode. Whether you would like to rock the beach or go sightseeing with your friends and family – make sure that you at least pack one or two fancy jumpsuits. Elegant velvet jumpsuits are a perfect choice for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Whereas, cute little rompers with floral prints or strapless playsuits look ultra-chic at the beach. Strut your stuff in an adorable jumpsuit that will compliment your petite figure.

Finally, jumpsuits should no longer be a daunting addition to your closet. Experiment with the different styles that do not hide most of your body's length and physique. Pairing these up with carefully picked out jewelry and the right shoes can also significantly enhance the look.

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