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What Are the Best Shaping Jeans?

By Muhammad Asif October 24, 2019

Women have always been obsessed with their figure – undergarments, shapewear, tummy tucks, and different types of belts were all designed to make garments look well-fitted and flattering. 

Shaping jeans is meant to do the same. 


What Does Shaping Jeans Mean?

Shaping jeans, as the name suggests, are designed to accentuate the natural curves of your body. A good example would be a butt lifting jeans. Conventional jeans tend to give a rather compact and compressed look – especially since women tend to buy jeans one size down from their actual measurements. No wonder, they struggle wearing jeans and have to compromise on comfort and proper lower body circulation while wearing taut, pure cotton jeans.

Unlike them, shaping jeans are strategically tailored to tightly hug the problem areas like love handles, belly fat, saggy butts, and flabby calves. It can be a good substitute for shapewear – imagine wearing corsets or Spanx inside your jeans to make your figure look more toned! Shaping jeans can effectively solve this issue by incorporating denim and Spanx fabric.

Shaping jeans can turn out to be a massive savior for people who end up skipping leg day but still want to look good in a pair of expensive jeans. Shaping jeans are a quick fix to your problem! Moreover, if you are plus-size or simply someone averse to the idea of wearing jeans at most times of the day due to the general discomfort or even the stretch that comes at the cost of inevitable bagginess in jeans, you should give shaping jeans a try!

What Do Shaping Jeans Do?

Shaping jeans can be a handy replacement for shapewear. They are curated with the help of years of research and advanced tailoring technology that allows one to look athletic and toned even if they have a varied and unflattering distribution of fat in their lower body. This is brought about by ingenious stitching, fabric placement and seaming that highlights the silhouette – especially at the three tricky zones:

Tucking the waist:

High waisted jeans are designed with a contour waistband that effectively tucks the tummy fat and makes your waist look slimmer. It aims to give women that ideal hourglass figure in which their waists look narrower than their bust and hips. Moreover, unlike traditional jeans that clench at the waist to make it look slimmer, shaping jeans are made of durable yet elastic material that accommodates the hips, reduces gaping and midriffs. Additionally, they decrease stress on the jeans’ zip and buttons. A cleaner look is achieved with the addition of a high-rise waistband as well as corset waist.

Streamlining the legs:

another feature, that accounts for the effective mechanism of shaping jeans is that they streamline the proportionality of legs. Most women desire to have a more or less uniform ration between their thighs and legs – shaping jeans work by hugging the thighs to rid the wearer of jiggly thighs. Hence, giving a sleek and firmer look without cutting blood supply to your legs. On top of that, there is no bagging at the calf and the knees which gives a more prominent silhouette and makes your legs look toned.

Hugging the butt:

whether you have a skinny figure or are a voluptuous woman, one tends to be very conscious about what their rear-end looks like in jeans. Especially when you opt for styles like tucking in your shirt or strutting in a crop top. Shaping jeans ingeniously resolve this issue by uplifting the butt for women with skinny body types and aesthetically hugging the bottom in curvier women. Thus, you can bid farewell to shapewear and uncomfortable wedgies once and for all.

Furthermore, shaping jeans are now available in several different cuts that are from boyfriend jeans to boot cut to skinny, flared and even straight cut jeans that technically tuck the waist. All of these are available in different washes, colors, and prices.

How do push up jeans work?

From women squatting endlessly to other seeking implants, bigger butts not only provide that sexual appeal but also account for a more aesthetically pleasing figure. Makes one wonder how far we have made it through the frighteningly repulsive size zero beauty standard.

Thus, push up jeans came into existence when other subtly techniques stopped bring about the desirable look. This included things like butt embellishments, bigger pockets and high-rise waistbands that used to make the rear end look fuller.

Whereas push up jeans sculpt the butt by tightening at the waist as well as the seat of the jeans. Moreover, push up jeans work by manipulating the rise, the yoke as well as the seat of the jeans. Different adjustments work for different body types; hence giving curvier women a tauter and flattering shape while providing slim women with an accentuated backside. Additionally, by incorporating the right amount of stretch and the butt-lifting effect through stable stitching above and below each butt cheek, push up jeans can be a gym hater’s dream!

Bottom line is shaping jeans are quickly picking up the buzz and most of the major companies are already manufacturing them in different styles. Although, conventional jeans are still preferred by women, shaping jeans are quickly becoming their favorite – not only because of their instant body toning attributes but also because of their greater durability, comfort and jeans memory.

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