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Dark Wash Jeans – The Ultimate Guide

By Muhammad Asif November 04, 2019

Jeans are available in almost every color there’s nothing that looks as good or works as well as dark blue or light blue. These two colors can give a timeless look and work in pretty much all settings.

But even if you are looking for blue jeans, you still have to choose between light wash and dark wash jeans. We recently did a post on light wash jeans and got quite good response, so we have decided to do a similar guide on dark wash jeans.

What are Dark Wash Jeans?

As the name suggests, dark wash jeans are a dark blue or more of a typical indigo color. The term ‘wash’ refers specifically to the process this jean has undergone during production. The dark wash jeans is dark-hued denim that has been washed during production but for a lesser time than the light wash. The washing process gives the denim a soft touch.

While dark wash jeans are considered a part of winter clothing, it looks classy in summer too. Dark wash jeans are a suitable outfit for evening events and theater nights. Apart from its elegant look, dark wash jean is favored because it goes well with a variety of outfits and shoes. Dark wash jeans are available in many different styles like high-waisted jeans, skinny jeans, or butt lifting jeans.

Which one is better in Style: Dark or Light Jean?

While both dark and light wash jeans go with a wide range of outfits and shoe types, you have to factor in certain things when choosing between the two colors.

Casual vs. Formal

One of the major factors that count while deciding between dark wash and light wash jeans is the formality of the occasion. Light wash jeans give off a more casual and relaxed appearance while dark wash jeans look more formal. So, if you are going to a semi-formal or formal event, it is prudent to wear dark-colored jeans. You can also wear dark wash jeans in casual settings, as they are more practical and can absorb stains.


While you can pull off both jeans in all seasons, they are well suited for certain weathers. You may not want to wear dark wash jeans in the sunny summers, as dark color absorbs heat and will leave you feeling hotter. Similarly, light wash jeans are more in style during summer and spring than in autumn and winter.


Practicality should also be taken into account while assessing the style of an outfit. The general perception is that dark jeans tend to fade over time. Hence, they do not offer longevity. First, fading does not happen overnight or over weeks. It usually takes years before the fading of jeans becomes noticeable, and that too happens only because of poor washing habits. So, if you are taking good care of your dark wash jeans, their color will not fade for a very long time.


The color and style of your shirt determine the kind of jeans you should wear. If you want to wear a light blue shirt, it is better not to wear light wash jeans. It created the appearance of a one-piece dress. The same rule applies to the dark blue shirt; it will go better with light wash jeans.


The dark blue color goes with both slim and regular build. It accents the shape and can pull off a skinny look as well. However, you should be mindful of the jeans’ fitting as well.

What can you wear with dark wash jeans?

You have a vast range of options in tops and shoes when you wear dark wash jeans. Here is how you should pull off the dark wash jeans.

Long Top

A long top looks perfect with blue wash jeans. Be it a long boyfriend-style vest, a long cardigan, or a silky tank top, it is going to supplement the look of dark wash jeans. Bright, busy prints will also look good on the plain, dark blue denim. Polish it up with jewelry and handbag.

Hip-length Top

Accent your shape by wearing a hip-length top with blue wash jeans. Pair the dark blue denim with a tank top or leather shell that ends at the hips. If you want to pull off hourglass curves, wear a top that flairs our beneath the waist. This is the perfect look for a casual date. Freshen up your look by your favorite accessories. A fit-and-flare tunic works best with a regular build, giving off a balanced silhouette.


A leather jacket can go well with dark blue jeans. Pair with a simple t-shirt in a neutral color and flat shoes. Jack it up with makeup and accessories. You can also pull off a put-together look with a tailored jacket or blazer. It is a pure office look, especially when buttoned over an ironed, chambray shirt. Augment it by taking a large bag for laptop and causal jewelry.

What shoes go with dark wash jeans?

Dark wash jeans open a lot of choices for shoe types. Here are the shoes that look great with the said jeans.


Pull off a casual and comfy look with dark wash jeans and trainers. This winning combination requires minimal effort and gives off a sleek outlook. It looks perfect with plain white or black sneakers. Pair your jeans and sneaker with a t-shirt and jacket or a collared shirt and blazer.


Boots also look perfect with jeans if you want to opt for a casual, urban appearance. A chunky, hiking boot will look perfect for a smart casual appearance. Chelsea or chukka boots are also a good option. Suede and brown designs or black and leather varieties are good to go with dark wash jeans to ensure a sophisticated and sleek look. Derby shoes are also good for a smart casual and semi-formal look.

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